Old Aloysius Church

Old St. Aloysius Church

4825 Cincinnati Brookville Rd. Shandon OH 45063
Location: Okeana/Shandon
Phone: (513) 738-1014

Archbishop John B. Purcell purchased the land on February 21, 1868 for $600. In June 1868 he blessed a small frame building as a temporary chapel. A brick building replaced the frame building in 1878. Fire damaged the church May 2, 1900, and it was quickly rebuilt. In 1952 the vestibule was added to the front. The Fellowship Hall at the rear of the church was constructed in 1966. With the congregation growing in size, a new sanctuary on Chapel Road was built and this little church by the roadside celebrated the last Mass on the morning of January 27, 1985. For a number of years, antiques and collectibles were sold here.

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